Helpful Tips to find the right property manager in Auckland

Hire an agent who has your best interests in mind.

Helpful tips to find the right property manager in Auckland

Finding a good property manager in Auckland can be just as hard as securing a good tenant.

Here are some tips to make your role as a landlord easier for you. Levels of service between agencies are varied and every agency promotes good service. How do you make the right choice? Here are our insider tips to help you avoid poor experiences due to a bad agent.

1. Cheap Agents mean Bad Service!

Agents who have cheap fees have to burden themselves with a lot more properties on their management list in an attempt to make a profit. No doubt their business running expenses are the same as any other agency, so they must now manage by sheer volume. This creates a situation where property managers ‘burnout’, resulting in high staff turnover, and converts to poor service and a bad experience overall.

Therefore an agent charging more is perhaps a good indication that they will be there ‘for the long haul’ and give a better level of service.


2. Good Agents Receive Regular Training 

A good property management service has staff who are regularly receiving training to ensure that they remain cutting edge in an ever-changing property management industry. Be sure that when you are seeking a good property manager, that they are conducting regular training either with their local real estate institute or within their real estate group.

3. Look out for High Staff Turnover

Though staff turnover is common in the property management industry, an office that has high staff turnover is a good indication that service levels are low and inconsistent. This is usually because they receive no training, support systems, or direction from their real estate principals. Asking how many property managers have been employed in the last year for that agency, or even watching how many times positions are advertised for that agency in property management could be an indication to avoid that agency.


4. Look at the Window Space!

Another indicator of a real estate agency’s focus is their window space. If the agent has little or no mention of property management services, and their window space is totally dominated by properties for sale and general sales information, this is a good sign that the agent is more sales focussed, and not as dedicated to property management. Though this is only a possible indicator, be sure to thoroughly question the agency about their focus on property management to ensure that they are a professional agency that takes pride in good property management practice and service.

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